Laura Marling and Florence Welch

Don't ask me why, I'll tell you no lies   Submit   Dedicated to two very talented English goddesses.

Laura Marling photographed by Adrian Green

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Laura Marling ‘Rambling Man’

Laura Marling ‘Rambling Man’

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Happy  5th Birthday ‘Lungs’! 6.7.2014

Happy  5th Birthday ‘Lungs’! 6.7.2014

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1ere Photo : 28-06-2014 Florence, Daisy & Sam

2eme & 3eme Photo : 28-06-2014 Florence & Paulo Nutini

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""I think everybody at a certain age has a stage where they need to mourn their naivety being gone. You have to face what first appears to be a very grey landscape, a world without naivety is a very cold, plain world.""
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Oh, my love, don’t forsake me

Take what the water gave me

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Florence Welch by Vincent Haycock.

Florence Welch by Vincent Haycock.

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28-06-2014 Florence & Sam Smith à Glastonbury

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"Little darling, we’re all lonely, we don’t all show our scars
It’s my heart, and my burden, and I would never bring you down like that
My heart, my burden, I would never bring you down with me."
Laura Marling, from Flicker And Fail (via violentwavesofemotion)
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Where Can I Go- Laura Marling

I am cold and I am bright

It’s a curse of mine to be sad at night

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